What our customers say...

Bowker Mechanical has installed, maintained and serviced three heating systems at our duplex and home for over ten years. No one could have given us better service. Thanks to the quality of their work we have never experienced a heating failure winter or summer. Their ventilating system has resolved allergy problems my wife used to experience as well. Bowker is our choice!

Bob Niebrugge

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I had called Bowker Mechanical with an issue of exhaust air venting into my house. I did exactly what Dave told me what to do and everything is working perfectly now. Thank you!

Bill Shively

The service manager was outstanding in his handling of the situation. Very diplomatic and so cool!

Pastor Glen,
Bodenburg Butte Baptist Church

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Thank you for the prompt service! I saw your technician working at my parents house and decided to change from my current heating company to yours!

Dustin Czechowicz